Phonics For Daily Life

Phonics For Daily Life is designed to make learning fun and easy. This course has a total of twenty lessons which focuses mainly on the vowels (long and short) and the consonants (voiced and voiceless) of American English. Lessons are designed by pairs to have a clearer understanding about the differences of two given vowels and consonants. It also contains enough activities to enhance students’ pronunciation such as minimal pairs, sentences, conversation and tongue twisters. It helps learners read words correctly with the use of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

The International Phonetic Alphabet is composed of different symbols that correspond to different sounds. It is necessary that students should be familiar with the sounds that correspond to the symbols in order for them to have the correct production of sounds through appropriate mouth formation. Following simple rules such as wrong mouth formation will lead to wrong sound production and wrong sound production will lead to wrong pronunciation.

The amount of time needed to work through this course is approximately within a month. This is intended for any level of students from beginner to advance.

The course content:

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